Magnetic Spectrum

Magnetic Spectrum is at the forefront of advancing these new concepts, boasting a team of renowned inventors globally recognized for their distinctive scientific breakthroughs, patents, and inventions. These dedicated individuals are committed to pushing the frontiers of science and enhancing the quality of life. Their accomplishments are significant and many, as follows.

Jon DePew

Jon DePew, the visionary behind the Coral Castle Code, stands as a global leader in magnetic innovation. His unwavering commitment to advancing scientific knowledge has earned him recognition worldwide. According to Jon, “My extensive exploration into energy spans many years, marked by personal experiments aimed at confirming or challenging my own theories. In 2004, I pioneered the RGB Bit technology through the discovery of an energetic template. This distinctive approach of conducting experiments rooted in my own ideas, rather than replicating others’ work, has led to significant and impactful findings. By immersing myself in original research and selectively absorbing insights aligned with the truth about energy, I’ve achieved overwhelming rewards in knowledge and truth.” Throughout his journey, Jon has drawn inspiration from historical energy researchers like Nikola Tesla, Edward Leedskalnin, and Albert Cushing Crehore. His focused absorption of truths within his readings, coupled with his original experiments, has propelled him to an exceptional level of understanding. Presently, Jon is actively engaged in further exploration of the magnetic field, identifying novel opportunities and scientific advancements that promise to benefit humanity and usher in pioneering technologies.

Josh Toms

Josh is a distinguished authority in the realm of magnetic technology, dedicating his academic pursuits to the exploration of Jon DePew’s groundbreaking work encapsulated in the Coral Castle Code. Through a commitment to observational experimental research, Josh continually uncovers emerging magnetic spectrum technologies. In 2013, he spearheaded the Tesla Science Foundation Million Volt March, aiming to raise awareness about Tesla among independent inventors and kindle a creative energy resonance. In a previous role, Josh assumed a pivotal position overseeing circuit board engineering, design, and assembly across the entire manufacturing process for printed circuit boards. He played a pioneering role in the early stages of robotic logic development. He demonstrated his proficiency in security validations and Artificial Intelligence (AI), undertaking tasks that involved programming, constructing, and overseeing CNC (Computer Numerical Control) robots specifically designed for granite operations. Having immersed himself in computers and gaming programs since the age of 4, Josh possesses an extensive understanding of total computing and magnetic spectral processes. He developed an in-depth understanding of coding and simulation software by studying the energetic logic systems of RGB Bit technology. This wealth of experience makes him an invaluable asset to the company. Furthermore, Josh has shared his insights as a keynote speaker at multiple conferences, addressing the advancements in Magnetic Spectrum’s work.

Jerry Smith

As one of the original founders of the company, Jerry devoted his life to the exploration of magnetism, metallurgy, optics, sound, frequency, and their intricate interplay in our world. His profound insights have significantly contributed to advancements in optics, magnetic devices, automotive enhancements, and the development of custom, impregnable lock systems. Jerry’s extensive body of work has been featured in reputable publications such as Popular Mechanics, Inventors’ Digest, and Dream Merchant. Holding over 40 U.S. patents, including a lock system currently safeguarding institutions like the Federal Reserve Bank, Fort Knox, the White House, and numerous military and governmental facilities worldwide, Jerry has made an indelible mark in the field. His recent endeavors delved into the impact of magnetics on the generation and control of electrical current, further solidifying his standing in the scientific community and earning recognition for his groundbreaking discoveries.

Randy Satterlee

Randy (Doranne) Satterlee – CEO and COB: A serial entrepreneur, Ms. Satterlee has founded and run multiple multimillion-dollar companies in the fields of technology and science. She participated in the AT&T Executive Management Development Program, where she deployed innovative call center technology and managed over 600 employees. In 1986, she founded VanRan Communications, a VOIP and CPE technology company, which is still operational today and includes major Fortune 500 clients and government accounts internationally. In 2017, she founded IsoKlean LLC, a disinfection product and process company, which holds patents on its chemical formulation, sprayer applicators and whose product, Iso-10, is registered with the EPA in all 50 states. Ms. Satterlee holds a BA from Ohio State University and an MA from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She also completed numerous courses while with AT&T in engineering, design, project management and new technology deployment including the Rutger’s RAMP program. Active in her community, Ms. Satterlee served on the collective Red Cross and Red Cross Blood Boards for over 12 years. Additionally, she serves as a distinguished guest speaker on entrepreneurship at local colleges and was on the Board of Directors for Iverson Genetics Diagnostics. Known for her exceptional skills in networking individuals and fostering the formation of high-performing teams, she brings a dynamic and collaborative approach to her professional endeavors.

Board Of Directors

Liz Blake- Secretary

Liz has served on multiple public and private company boards. Liz earned her law degree from Columbia University School of Law in New York with honors. She was SVP of Advocacy, Government Affairs and General Counsel of Habitat of Humanity International and continues her volunteer work with a focus on secure tenure and land rights and economic development projects. Liz has also been an officer of four public companies including Cinergy Corp, GE electric Company. GE Power systems and was also a Senior vice President and member of the leadership team of a publicly traded REIT in New York. Liz continues her charitable work including founding the Liz Blake Giving Fund focusing on two generation approaches to impact the lives of women and their infant children.

Dave Michaels- CFO

Dave recently retired from the American Institute for Economic Research, where he served as Chief financial Officer and Comptroller. He was responsible for all accounting operations including internal performance metrics, investor reporting, tax filings and fund reporting for over 700 beneficiaries. He developed strategic plans and metrics focused on more competitive products including the establishment of performance-based monitoring and compensation systems for tracking and rewarding results. His achievements include the reduction in operating costs of over 20%. Dave received his BS in Accounting and Finance from the University at Albay, NY and did post graduate work at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He currently serves on several boards including Board Chair and Audit Committee Chair at Mechanical Technology Incorporated, MeOP Power, Inc, and was past chair of the BOD for Starfire Systems, Iverson Genetic Diagnostics and also served in an advisory position for the Capital District YMCA.

Fernando Hernandez – CTO

Fernando, a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in supplier diversity and the development of multicultural marketing initiatives, currently spearheads Coca-Cola’s $900 Million Supplier Diversity program on a global scale. His role focuses on the utilization, development, and mentoring of diverse suppliers. In addition to his corporate leadership, Fernando dedicates his efforts to mentoring small startup companies, imparting business acumen, and guiding them towards success. Prior to his role at Coca-Cola, Fernando served as the Supplier Diversity & Sustainability Leader for Microsoft Corporation globally. In this influential capacity, he formulated and executed Microsoft’s strategies to achieve supplier diversity and supply chain sustainability objectives, overseeing a substantial $5.2 Billion annual Supplier Diversity program, which ranked in the top 2% globally for sustainability. Before his tenure at Microsoft, Fernando held the position of Senior Vice President of Multicultural Marketing Strategy at Washington Mutual Bank (JPMC), where he initiated, developed, and executed comprehensive multicultural marketing initiatives. His track record also includes the establishment and implementation of AT&T’s $1 Billion annual Supplier Diversity program. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in creating AT&T’s multicultural Business to Business and Business to Consumer marketing strategies for Hispanic, African American, and Asian markets, resulting in the development of a $3 billion market segment. Fernando holds the distinctive honor of being the first person to earn membership twice in the Billion Dollar Roundtable (AT&T & Microsoft). His educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Saint Peter’s University, a Master of Science in Information Systems from Stevens Institute of Technology, and Executive Training from the Wharton School of Business.